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Install mod_wsgi

mod_python is not reccomended. A hard restart of the server (telinit...stop && ..start) is needed to fully unload mod_python. They don't get along too well (The docs claim they do, but my installed versions caused much segfaulting. The spell for mod_wsgi is simple and already pushed (hash: d939b7bf5d4bea6a37cf13e10fa4b1efe2a83c32)


cast new moinmoin

Be sure to backup old moinmoin, just in case. Should probably update the moinmoin spell to optionally depend on mod_wsgi instead of mod_python.



Follow teh instructions: http://moinmo.in/HelpOnInstalling/ApacheWithModWSGI

I'll just note issues here.


data migration

Run the following scripts from wherever they're installed.

root@smgl:/srv/wiki/sourcemage# python /tmp/moin-1.7.1/MoinMoin/script/old/migration/12_to_13_mig10.py
2008-09-16 23:05:10,382 WARNING MoinMoin.log:120 using logging configuration read from built-in fallback in MoinMoin.log module!
data.pre-mig10/ -> data/
root@smgl:/srv/wiki/sourcemage# python /tmp/moin-1.7.1/MoinMoin/script/old/migration/12_to_13_mig11.py
2008-09-16 23:06:10,088 WARNING MoinMoin.log:120 using logging configuration read from built-in fallback in MoinMoin.log module!
data.pre-mig11/ -> data/
root@smgl:/srv/wiki/sourcemage# python /tmp/moin-1.7.1/MoinMoin/script/old/migration/152_to_1050300.py
1 data_dirs successfully migrated, 0 warnings, 0 errors.

finally, switch user to the one that owns the directories (su -s /bin/bash daemon) or whatev:

moin --config-dir=/path/to/config_dir --wiki-url=wiki.example.org/ migration data

Note: this is pretty hefty on the I/O as it migrates all the data to the new type. It's owning my poor little 64-bit vm ;) So it owned it. Needed more than the 512mb of ram on it, so it was thrashing badly. I'm going to try it on my desktop.





ConfigurationError: Please edit your wikiconfig/farmconfig and fix your DefaultConfig import:

Old: from MoinMoin.multiconfig import DefaultConfig

New: from MoinMoin.config.multiconfig import DefaultConfig

Pretty Self-explanatory.



Disable the antispam stuff



Disabe the theme

theme_default = 'modern'



Yay it runs!


Of course now we run into problems like "surge protection" http://moinmo.in/HelpOnConfiguration/SurgeProtection

Here's a link to the configuration stuff: http://moinmo.in/HelpOnConfiguration We may have to do something about all that....

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