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Twitter的小工具是一个WordPress的插件,可以让您在WordPress的博客和Twitter之间做一个双向一体化。它具有以下特点: 从Twitter下载并存档你的tweets(Twitter的一个哨所,一个实时的社会信息系统)。 显示您最近在边栏工具栏小工具tweets。

耶!! 用于Twitter的工具已更新修改到1.6版了!


从您tweets创建每日摘要 。
从您tweets建立每周文摘 。
创建于Twitter的tweet时,张贴到自己的博客(可选在每个员额的基础上) 。
自动链接hashtags 。
有能力排除@答复到边栏 ,博客帖子和消化。
支持网址缩短服务通过标准的WordPress的过滤器(参阅自述文件) 。
支持用于网址缩短的网址tweets时的WP chunk,显示在您的博客帖子和/或边工具栏。
常见问题的解答参见 README

Yay, Twitter Tools has reached version 1.6!

Twitter Tools is a WordPress plugin that allows you to do a two-way integration between your WordPress powered blog and Twitter. It has the following features:

  • Download and archive your tweets from Twitter.
  • Show your recent tweets in a sidebar widget.
  • Create a blog post from each of your tweets (you can set the category, author, tags, etc.).
  • Create a daily digest from your tweets.
  • Create a weekly digest from your tweets.
  • Create a tweet on Twitter when you post to your blog (optional on a per-post basis).
  • Create tweets on Twitter from your blog sidebar and/or admin interface.
  • Auto-link @replies and provide “in reply to” links.
  • Auto-link hashtags.
  • Ability to exclude @replies from sidebars, blog posts and digests.
  • Supports URL shortening services via standard WordPress filter (read the README).
  • Supports WP Chunk for URL shortening URLs in tweets when they are shown in your blog posts and/or sidebar.
  • Thorough README with answers to frequently asked questions.

Here are notable changes from the 1.5.x releases:

  1. Fixed the issue where posts via XML-RPC/AtomPub or scheduled posts would not get tweeted - these now use your default settings.
  2. Fixed issue where the per-post “send to Twitter” setting for future post was not honored properly.
  3. Fixed issues with digests - both daily and weekly should be working correctly now1 The digest features are no longer listed as experimental.
  4. Changed the code that checks to create the Twitter data table so that it works properly with the new bulk plugin activation features.
  5. Added a new filter tweet_blog_post_url so that other plugins can hook in and run the URL of your blog post through an URL shortening service of your choosing before sending the full URL to Twitter (Twitter uses TinyURL by default).
  6. Fixed an issue that caused the ‘Test Login’ functionality to report a failure with a correct username and password (though the regular functionality was unaffected).
  7. Changed how “replies” are determined. no longer using Twitter’s definition as many Twitter users thought differently and considered this a bug.
  8. Allow anyone with “publish_posts” ability to post to Twitter from the admin area.
  9. Fixed several auto-linking edge cases.
  10. Bunch of little/under the hood stuff.

I’m pleased to finally get these changes out. I know the 1.5.x versions lingered too long with some unfixed bugs. This plugin has gotten complex enough that the bugs are not always readily apparent.1 Crowd Favorite has been (thankfully) keeping busy so we haven’t had the time to try to address these until recently. We had to spend quite a bit of time to track down some of these issues - hopefully they are all properly addressed now.2

The download and more information are available on my WordPress Plugins page.

If you have any trouble with this, please open a thread in the WP Support Forums and e-mail me a link to the thread.

  1. My call for help a while back didn’t bring solutions - unfortunately. [back]
  2. This plugin is already pretty complicated, making it hard to test thoroughly. Another reason I’m hesitant to add additional features to it. [back]

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