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原作: Jane Wells


目前,开发者的负责人正在把最优先事项定为在2.8将部件定制管理,主题页浏览器/安装和性能提升。其余的开发时间,将在一个有先后次序的名单中逐一对付错误报告和附加功能/增强程序。为此,我们已经发布了一个新的调查表由你们帮助我们确定优先功能在2.8版。这份名单拉从开发“ 2.7遗留”名单,以及最流行的功能在思想论坛上提到的。只要每个功能级别并告诉我们您的首选( 3个 )。您也可以选择添加额外的意见或建议,这并非强制性。为了您的回应有效,您必须填写在清单中的所有功能。调查只有一页啊。



在新的一年里,我们将重新排定开发者负责人能够过聊天功能IRC,那里的领导开发成员大员将和我们讨论每周的进展,功能的开发,提供机会让站长们发问或提出建议。这将会是在明年初举行,在星期三(美国的星期三) ,一旦最后敲定具体时间将张贴在这里公告。


Prioritizing Features for WordPress 2.8

By Jane Wells. Filed under Development, Features.

Everyone knows by now that WordPress 2.7 is packed with new features. Now that it’s available (almost 600,000 downloads as I write this!), it’s time to start working on 2.8. There were dozens of things that got tabled during 2.7 due to time constraints, and there are a lot of high-rated features in the Ideas forum, so there are a lot of potential features under consideration.

Right now, the lead developers are thinking the top priorities for 2.8 will be widget management, theme browser/installer and performance upgrades. The rest of the development time will be taken up with bug tickets and additional features/enhancements from a prioritized list. To that end, we’ve posted a new survey for you to help us prioritize features for 2.8. The list pulls from the developers’ “2.7 leftovers” list as well as the most popular features from the Ideas forum. Just rank each feature and tell us your top pick (up to three). You also have the option of adding comments or additional suggestions, but this is not mandatory. For your response to count, you must rank all of the features in the list. The survey has only one page.

Note that media features are not included in this list as we will be posting a separate survey for media-specific features soon.

Cast your votes any time this week, but as always the sooner the better. This survey will close at noon on December 31, 2008 UTC.

In the new year, we will be reviving scheduled IRC developer chats, where the lead developers will discuss the week’s progress on feature development, providing opportunities for people to ask questions or make suggestions. These will be held early in the day on Wednesdays (U.S. Wednesday), and the specific time will be posted here on the development blog once it’s been finalized.

As a related aside, we spent a significant amount of time during 2.7 development sifting through Trac tickets that really shouldn’t have been there. Feature ideas and requests do not belong in Trac, they belong in the Ideas forum. Please reserve Trac for reporting bugs and things that need fixing (typos, code enhancements, etc.). If you are asking for a new UI, a new feature, or a new approach to coding something, that’s not an enhancement, it’s a new feature. New features will be entered into Trac by developers once it has been determined that the feature should be included in core. To help speed up development, moving forward we will close Trac tickets that are actually feature requests, with the comment that they should be posted in the Ideas forum instead. Please help the developers maximize their time by following this guideline.

Thanks for your help!


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