iPhone 人机界面设计规范(中英对照) iPhone Human Interface Guidelines

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iPhone 人机界面设计规范(中英对照)
iPhone Human Interface Guidelines

* [[iphone:introduction|简介Introduction]]
* [[#part1|第一部分:设计你的 iPhone 软件产品
Part I: Planning Your iPhone Software Product]]
* [[#part2|第二部分:为你的 iPhone 软件设计用户界面
Part II: Designing the User Interface of Your iPhone Application]]

原文最后更新于:2010 年 3 月 24 日。([[iphone:revision-history|修订历史]])

==第一部分:设计你的 iPhone 软件产品

Part I: Planning Your iPhone Software Product


This part of ''iPhone Human Interface Guidelines'' describes ways to think about designing and developing software for iPhone OS. Read the chapters in Part I to learn about the different types of software you can develop for iPhone OS and the design principles you can use to inform your work. You’ll also learn how to apply those principles to specific aspects and tasks in your application, so you can create a superlative product that provides an intuitive and compelling user interface.

iPhone 人机界面设计规范的这个部分描述了设计和开发iPhone OS软件的方法。通过这个部分的阅读,你将了解到可以为iphone OS创建的软件类型以及你可以在工作中应用的设计准则。 同时你将得知如何在软件的各个方面细化的应用这些准则,从而开发出具有漂亮易用界面的杰出产品。

* [[iphone:the-iphone-os-platform|iPhone OS 平台:无尽的可能
The iPhone OS Platform: Rich with Possibilities]] ** [[iphone:platform-differences|牢记平台间的差异
Platform Differences to Keep in Mind]] ** [[iphone:what-are-your-options|你的选择是什么?
What Are Your Options?]] ** [[iphone:three-application-styles|三种应用程序样式
Three Application Styles]] ** [[iphone:choosing-an-application-style|选择一种应用程序样式
Choosing an Application Style]] ** [[iphone:existing-computer-application|当你已经有了一个计算机应用程序时
When You Have an Existing Computer Application]] ** [[iphone:bringing-a-desktop-application-to-iphone-os|案例研究:将桌面应用程序移植到 iPhone OS 上
Case Studies: Bringing a Desktop Application to iPhone OS]]

* [[iphone:human-interface-principles|人机界面原则:创建优秀的用户界面
Human Interface Principles: Creating a Great User Interface]] ** [[iphone:metaphors|隐喻
Metaphors]] ** [[iphone:direct-manipulation|直接操纵
Direct Manipulation]] ** [[iphone:see-and-point|即看即点
See and Point]] ** [[iphone:feedback|反馈
Feedback]] ** [[iphone:user-control|用户控制
User Control]] ** [[iphone:aesthetic-integrity|美学集成度
Aesthetic Integrity]]

* [[iphone:designing-an-iphone-app|设计 iPhone 应用程序:从产品定义到品牌宣传
Designing an iPhone Application: From Product Definition to Branding]] ** [[iphone:create-a-product-definition-statement|创建产品定义说明
Create a Product Definition Statement]] ** [[iphone:incorporate-characteristics|优秀 iPhone 应用程序的共有特征
Incorporate Characteristics of Great iPhone Applications]] ** [[iphone:support-gestures-appropriately|适当地手势支持
Support Gestures Appropriately]] ** [[iphone:incorporate-branding-elements-cautiously|Incorporate Branding Elements Cautiously]]

* [[iphone:handling-common-tasks|处理常见任务
Handling Common Tasks]] ** [[iphone:starting|启动
Starting]] ** [[iphone:stopping|停止
Stopping]] ** [[iphone:managing-settings-or-configuration-options|管理设置或配置选项
Managing Settings or Configuration Options]] ** [[iphone:supporting-copy-and-paste|支持复制和粘贴
Supporting Copy and Paste]] ** [[iphone:supporting-undo-and-redo|支持撤消和重做
Supporting Undo and Redo]] ** [[iphone:enabling-push-notifications|启用推送通知
Enabling Push Notifications]] ** [[iphone:making-your-application-accessible|使你的程序具有无障碍特性
Making Your Application Accessible]] ** [[iphone:providing-search-and-displaying-search-results|提供搜索功能并显示搜索结果
Providing Search and Displaying Search Results]] ** [[iphone:using-the-users-location|利用用户的位置
Using the User’s Location]] ** [[iphone:handling-orientation-changes|处理方向变化
Handling Orientation Changes]] ** [[iphone:using-sound|使用声音
Using Sound]] ** [[iphone:providing-choices|提供选择
Providing Choices]] ** [[iphone:providing-a-license-agreement|提供许可协议
Providing a License Agreement]]

==第二部分:为你的 iPhone 软件设计用户界面

Part II: Designing the User Interface of Your iPhone Application


User interface elements in iPhone OS include views and controls. Views provide content regions with well-defined sets of functionality. Controls are graphic objects that cause instant actions or visible results. Although all an application’s views and controls are contained in the application’s single window, users see and interact with them in screens, which roughly correspond to different visual states in the application.

iPhone OS 的用户界面元素包括视图和控件。'''视图'''为内容提供定义良好的功能集。'''控件'''是引起即时行动或可视结果的图形对象。尽管所有的视图和控件都包含于应用程序窗口,用户在屏幕上察看它们并且与它们交互,这些'''屏幕'''大致对应于应用程序不同的视觉状态。

iPhone OS defines the standard appearance of these user interface elements, and delivers consistent behaviors that users expect. Read the chapters in Part II to learn about the types of user interface elements available and how to use them to build the user interface of your application.

iPhone OS 定义这些用户界面元素的标准外观,并提供与用户期望一致的行为。阅读第二部分的各个章节,可以了解所有可用的用户界面元素类型以及如何使用它们来构建你的应用程序的用户界面。

* [[iphone:brief-tour-of-the-app-ui|应用程序用户界面简介
A Brief Tour of the Application User Interface]] ** [[iphone:app-screens-and-their-contents|应用程序页面和其中的内容
Application Screens and Their Contents]] ** [[iphone:using-views-and-controls-in-app-screens|在应用程序界面中使用视图和控件
Using Views and Controls in Application Screens]]

* [[iphone:navigation-bars-tab-bars-toolbars-and-the-status-bar|导航栏、标签栏、工具栏和状态栏
Navigation Bars, Tab Bars, Toolbars, and the Status Bar]] ** [[iphone:the-status-bar|状态栏
The Status Bar]] ** [[iphone:navigation-bars|导航栏
Navigation Bars]] ** [[iphone:toolbars|工具栏
Toolbars]] ** [[iphone:tab-bars|标签栏
Tab Bars]]

* [[iphone:alerts-action-sheets-and-modal-views|警告、操作列表和模态视图
Alerts, Action Sheets, and Modal Views]] ** [[iphone:usage-and-behavior|用法和行为
Usage and Behavior]] ** [[iphone:designing-an-alert|设计警告
Designing an Alert]] ** [[iphone:designing-an-action-sheet|设计操作列表
Designing an Action Sheet]] ** [[iphone:designing-a-model-view|设计模态视图
Designing a Modal View]]

* [[iphone:table-views-text-views-and-web-views|表格视图、文本视图和 Web 视图
Table Views, Text Views, and Web Views]] ** [[iphone:table-views|表格视图
Table Views]] ** [[iphone:text-views|文本视图
Text Views]] ** [[iphone:web-views|Web 视图
Web Views]]

* [[iphone:application-controls|应用程序控件
Application Controls]] ** [[iphone:activity-indicators|活动指示器
Activity Indicators]] ** [[iphone:date-and-time-pickers|日期时间选择器
Date and Time Pickers]] ** [[iphone:detail-disclosure-buttons|详情展开按钮
Detail Disclosure Buttons]] ** [[iphone:info-buttons|信息按钮
Info Buttons]] ** [[iphone:labels|标签
Labels]] ** [[iphone:page-indicators|页面指示器
Page Indicators]] ** [[iphone:pickers|选取器
Pickers]] ** [[iphone:progress-views|进度视图
Progress Views]] ** [[iphone:rounded-rectangle-buttons|圆角矩形按钮
Rounded Rectangle Buttons]] ** [[iphone:search-bars|搜索栏
Search Bars]] ** [[iphone:segmented-controls|分段控件
Segmented Controls]] ** [[iphone:sliders|滑块
Sliders]] ** [[iphone:text-fields|文本框
Text Fields]]

* [[iphone:system-provided-buttons-and-icons|系统自带的按钮与图标
System-Provided Buttons and Icons]] ** [[iphone:using-system-provided-buttons-and-icons|使用系统自带的按钮与图标
Using System-Provided Buttons and Icons]] ** [[iphone:standard-buttons-for-use-in-toolbars-and-navigation-bars|用于工具栏与导航栏的标准按钮
Standard Buttons for Use in Toolbars and Navigation Bars]] ** [[iphone:standard-icons-for-use-in-tab-bars|用于标签栏的标准图标
Standard Icons for Use in Tab Bars]] ** [[iphone:standard-buttons-for-use-in-table-rows-and-other-ui-elements|用于表格行及其他用户界面元素中的标准按钮
Standard Buttons for Use in Table Rows and Other User Interface Elements]]

* [[iphone:creating-custom-icons-and-images|创建自定义图标和图像
Creating Custom Icons and Images]] ** [[iphone:app-icons|应用程序图标
Application Icons]] ** [[iphone:small-icons|小图标
Small Icons]] ** [[iphone:launch-images|启动图像
Launch Images]] ** [[iphone:icons-for-navigation-bars-toolbars-and-tab-bars|用于导航栏、工具栏和标签栏的图标
Icons for Navigation Bars, Toolbars, and Tab Bars]]

== 其他 ==

* [[iphone:revision-history|修订历史
Revision History]] * [[iphone:trans-notes|翻译说明]] * [http://developer.apple.com/iphone/library/documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/MobileHIG/ 《iPhone Human Interface Guidelines》原文]


* Wes Xu * [http://blog.sina.com.cn/wills64 Wills Zhang] * Davis Yu * Dean Bao * Ginger Xu


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