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事实上,有趣的是,我在昨晚的会议后问KnowledgeTree这个问题,我觉得我提出了一个相当愚蠢的问题。 SharePoint和KnowledgeTree是两个不同的产品。传统上,SharePoint是一个文档的管理,直至现在,他们仍然是一个文件管理器。但是,增加了新的SharePoint协作和Web 2.0的新功能集成到它里面。然而, KnowledgeTree是一个文件管理器的一些协作功能,它并不具备像SharePoint的企业级内容管理,商业表格和商业智能组件的。如果你问我,Jive的ClearSpace很有可能是SharePoint的竞争对手(即:Clearspace没有一个更好的工作可找) 。

KnowledgeTree是免费(如果你想为普及版要想获得专业支持那就要支付费用了。有一个选项用于支付商业版,您获得额外的功能和服务支持-参见评论一节以获取更多的内容。感谢娜塔莎(Natasha))。至于Sharepoint,像许多微软的其他软件,是非常的昂贵的。如果您正在寻找一个出色的和廉价的文件管理器, KnowledgeTree是可以伴你一段路要走选择。如果您正在一次又一次思考的SharePoint。当然还有许多其他超级出色的选择了。我相信KnowledgeTree有许多强大功能和良好的扩展能力。KnowledgeTree已经将自己定位作为一个优秀的开放源码的文件管理器,但不是全部企业级2.0套件。



再补充一点, KnowledgeTree是一个适合目的文件管理器,是我强力推荐给大家用一个免费软件。



SharePoint and KnowledgeTree

Posted by Sean Lew on Wednesday, 28 May, 2008 under Collaboration, Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0, software |

I have been getting many incoming search strings to this blog on SharePoint and KnowledgeTree and I would like to address this question people might have.

Interesting enough, I actually asked KnowledgeTree this question last night but after the meeting, I felt I had asked a rather silly question. Sharepoint and KnowledgeTree are two different products. Traditionally, Sharepoint was a document manager and until now they are still a document manager. However, Sharepoint has added new collaborative and Web 2.0 features into it. However, KnowledgeTree is a document manager with some collaborative features, it doesn’t have the enterprise content management, business forms and business intelligence components that Sharepoint has. If you ask me, Jive’s ClearSpace is probably Sharepoint’s competitor (P.S. Clearspace does a MUCH better job).

KnowledgeTree is Free (pay for support if you want for the community edition. There’s an option to pay for the commercial edition where you get extra features and support - see comments section for more. Thanks Natasha) and Sharepoint, like many Microsoft software, is horrendously expensive. If you are looking for a excellent and cheap document manager, KnowledgeTree is the way to go. If you are thinking about Sharepoint, think again and again. There are many other super excellent options out there. KnowledgeTree has many great features and good extension capabilities. I believe KnowledgeTree has positioned itself as a excellent open source document manager but not a full Enterprise 2.0 suite.

I have one little tip: make sure everyone do their in depth requirements gathering process for any system you are thinking of building / implementing.


Just to add a point, KnowledgeTree is a fit for purpose Document manager and I totally recommend it to everyone.


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