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关于最高PageRank的网站列表我们这里给大家列一列:不久前,维基百科页面列出了达到PageRank 10 知名网站,以及大量达到PageRank 9的网站 。然而,它们最后确定该网页文章和Wikipedia的政策宗旨矛盾而删除。 (我个人以为,这是一个很有价值的资源,但它们基于规则的原因而搞成这样,我猜想。 )无论如何,因为我还没有在互联网上任何其他地方看到有关内容,我已经把这篇帖子的副本放在我的网站上供错过了维基百科上看到该网页任何人得以查看(一饱眼福)。

关于最高PageRank的网站列表我们这里给大家列一列:不久前,维基百科页面列出了达到PageRank 10 知名网站,以及大量达到PageRank 9的网站 。然而,它们最后确定该网页文章和Wikipedia的政策宗旨矛盾而删除。 (我个人以为,这是一个很有价值的资源,但它们基于规则的原因而搞成这样,我猜想。 )无论如何,因为我还没有在互联网上任何其他地方看到有关内容,我已经把这篇帖子的副本放在我的网站上供错过了维基百科上看到该网页任何人得以查看(一饱眼福)。

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Okay so here’s the deal: not too long ago, Wikipedia had a page listing known websites with a PageRank of 10, and a large number of sites with PageRank 9. However it was decided that the page contradicted Wikipedia’s article policy and so was deleted. (Personally I found it a great resource, but their rules are there for a reason, I guess.) Anyway, since I haven’t seen it replicated anywhere else on the internet, I have put a copy here on my site for anyone who misses the Wikipedia page to view.


I am quite interested in keeping the page semi-updated. Since PageRank is assigned to pages rather than domains as a whole, it would be nice to create a more comprehensive list of PR10 pages. As you can see below, I added a couple of supplementary pages for the w3.org domain. I would like to avoid updating the PR9 list, because there are millions of pages with PR9, and probably many, many missing domains as well, and I simply do not have the time to check and update them. If there is a really popular and well-known site I have missed in the PR 9 list, then I would have no objections adding it. If you would like to contribute, you can email webmaster ~at~ doheth.co.uk with additions (please use a relevant subject line, e.g. “Addition to your PageRank list”; otherwise I’ll most likely miss it).


The following is a list of websites with a high PageRank as assigned by the Google search engine. PageRank (PR) is the number of points out of ten that signifies the importance of a site to Google. The PageRank number appears to be logarithmic, with a single point representing an order of magnitude difference of importance. See Wikipedia’s PageRank entry for more information.

This list is a portion of all PageRank 9 and 10 pages derived from the Google Toolbar, which displays the PageRank of a web page currently displayed by a browser. The exact PageRank may vary slightly, due to changes in ranking by Google, or by local differences through use of different Google servers or through DNS behavior (e.g., google.com may redirect to its regional sites, which may have lower PageRank). Redirects from a high PageRank page may reduce the redirected page’s PageRank.

The Google search engine can list pages with a high PageRank by searching common keywords such as http, www, the, a, etc.

PageRank 10

Currently 19 domains

PageRank 9

Currently 148 domains

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